@camila_cabello:BIG NEWS we showed you the new cover, but you haven’t seen the special edition all colored an all. WHATTAYATHINK

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@FifthHarmony: Whaddup harmonizers! We saw your feed back about the album cover & we agreed with you lol …. Tada✨ we give you ..


the beyoncé challenge:

[4/6] favorite live performances: Get Me Bodied/Like This (BET Awards ‘07) w/ Kelly, Michelle & Solange.

Title: UnknownBo$$ / Problem / Fancy
Artist: UnknownFifth Harmony (feat. Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea)
Album: UnknownSong-Masher
Played: 39869 times


Mash-up of 

  • Fifth Harmony Bo$$
  • Ariana Grande Problem (Instrumental)
  • Iggy Azalea - Fancy (Instrumental)

Requested by : cabellosarfati

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Bo$$ © 2014 Epic Records, Syco MusicProblem © 2014 Republic Records; Fancy © 2014 Island Records.   My mash-ups are transformative works and are protected by the DMCA’s fair-use doctrine.

M.O Dance On My Own for Vevo DSCVR (Live)

Title: Unknown
Artist: Unknown
Album: Unknown
Played: 1855 times


The Emotions - Best of My Love